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Project Overview

We are excited to continue the design and site master planning process for the Port Maritime Center campus that will include a new Port of Tacoma office building and Tacoma Public Schools’ Maritime|253 skills center. 


The Port’s new office building will provide office space for about 150 Port of Tacoma and Northwest Seaport Alliance employees as well as Port Commission meeting chambers. The Maritime|253 skills center will serve high school students throughout Pierce County and offer educational and training programs focused on maritime and industrial trades.


The Port and Tacoma Schools are each conducting their own design process and paying for the construction of their own buildings. The Port is also conducting a site master planning process for the two Port-owned parcels of land at the project location. 


Planning for the new Port Maritime Center campus provides exciting opportunities for our community, including the potential for walking trails and public access of the waterway at this site.


It’s important that we have a wide range of voices contributing their thoughts and ideas to help envision the future of the Maritime Center project. Please continue on to the Location and Timeline sections and then submit your feedback.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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